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The ketogenic diet is also known as a ketosis diet.  The diet is a very healthy diet done correctly full of healthy meats, fats and tons of leafy greens therefore it becomes a low carb transformation.  So, for your ease of mind then, the ketogenic diet is explained in extreme detail here at ketolowcarb4life © by Full Belly Meter.



We offer free information on both our site and free group on how to begin keto and get into ketosis.  Our site also offers a truly awesome custom DIY online video training series at our training academy.  This is because training is essential for your success so be sure to use our radar serious brain training weight loss method©  Information is therefore geared for both beginners and people stumbling to lose weight as well as how to do the ketogenic diet low carb weight loss right.  So this truly ends up standing out like a giraffe in a crowd!

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Weight loss is a multi layered approach, therefore we have also the multi layered training approach.  We offer  a custom head to toe training transformation weight loss approach thereby offering you the best of all worlds.  We be sure to include all about the ketogenic diet, you learn it like no other and you have no worries as you go.  You are shown both how to begin keto low carb and shown how to get into ketosis.  Because we know a more layered approach needs to happen we include many methods to apply cortisol stress reduction and that is just barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our program.

Oh yes our cortisol stress reduction training methods rival any current weight loss cortisol method programs!  This is because it is something you really need when learning the ketogenic diet and how to begin keto.  We know it; and we are proud of it!


And, in addition you will wow yourself when you learn the ketogenic diet and how to begin keto.  Because success is to also reduce sugars and de-carb your life completely we teach full instruction on how-to read sugar labels and find hidden sugars in any situation and more.  You learn about macros and instant easy macro calculation starting in just minutes.  So all this and more gives you our world class top of the line online weight loss transformation program Our flagship method – The Badass Belly Braintrain ©™ core program .



Importantly as you will read our core online flagship program teaches 3 main scenes, the ‘Keen Scene’, the ‘Wean Scene’ and lastly your ‘Lean Scene’.  Extremely grounded in science and behavior change, stress management techniques, guided visualizations plus crazy more and you will kick butt on how to begin keto and the ketogenic diet – we guarantee that.



Let’s mention that we also offer a free online weight loss group support for the ketogenic diet as well.  Because our mission is “We Grow Minds and Shrink Bodies ©™ ” that’s just exactly what we do! For anyone looking for the ketogenic diet and how to begin keto for beginners or weightloss this is truly where you want to be.


Step 1 is your KEEN SCENE



This is your so very science backed right sided brain and stress relief section of your weight loss program.  And so in this scene you learn all about applying stress cortisol reducing methods.


You may wonder what does cortisol have to do with the ketogenic diet and you getting into ketosis?   Not enough people realize as to how cortisol affects weight gain, therefore you need to google cortisol stress and weight gain as soon as you can.  Once you do that, then we can advise that you will see the picture really quick with just one glance why this is so terribly important. And so because of the lack of right sided brain training in weight loss across the board this is another layer of the weight loss puzzle most people miss.



You cannot just miss this section of the course because using this ‘scene’ in conjunction with the ketogenic diet as well as the rest of your scenes, could be the one kicker that could help catapult you like never before.  This is because you cannot control this piece of the head to toe weight loss puzzle with just your diet.  Cortisol as known, cannot be fixed by just the ketogenic diet.   But wait, as well it cannot even be fixed by low carb or intermittent fasting either!



So, simply – it is not possible to fix cortisol stress reduction with food.  So this is why we present other effective methods and techniques because you really do need help in this arena.  These methods are so often always left out by other weight loss programs – but not ours!



So what happens if you are the person who has your intermittent fasting down pat, and your ketogenic diet down pat already.   Maybe, you also have your low carb and sugar education down pat plus you have aced your food knowledge to!  Alternatively perhaps you have your exercise and eating all down pat as well.  Guess what?  You STILL NEED THIS section to complete your whole head to toe weight loss program properly!  If you are the person who doesn’t like things left half done, then this is the extra edge and something different that can really help.


Because this is the non exercise and non food methods to kick start your diet you learn even more than you thought was out there.  Yes, this is truly it!  As well, we offer this scene as a stand alone scene or you can do the whole flagship program with all 3 scenes so as to absolutely rule your personal weight loss house!

In the Keen Scene we teach you and provide:

  • Both Guided Night Time and Day Time Visualizations and Downloads
  • Both Meditation Methods and How-To Meditate
  • Tones (Binaural Beats and Isochronic) Custom Created by Katherine For Effective Stress Reduction and How and Why They Work


You Are Shown Step-By-Step

  • Besides Katherines Personally Created Self Home Copyrighted Reflex Therapy Technique © made specifically easy for any overweight person to do at home on their own.  There is also other reflex methods taught to absolutely bulls-eye the head to toe stress in the body.  Because than cortisol is a hormone and so you need the whole gammit therefore to assist reducing this and through reflex guidance this is just the best.
  • You Also Get Included; How To Setup Both Short And Long Term Weight Loss Goals and Your Health Goals!  Amazing Value…


So the keen scene is to make your brain KEEN – very KEEN on things it was not aware of before.  Therefore this creates a reduction in stress therefore assisting with weight loss ultimately.  This section of the course also includes references to published science that is a must read to understand why you do this and how truly astounding the effects in the studies turned out so you can be really confident in the KEEN SCENE.

Step 2 is your WEAN SCENE


So because we want you to be successful at the ketogenic diet, keto and low carb we therefore dedicated this whole section and more to where you learn to truly de-carb your life once and for all.

We teach you how to detect carbs and how to reduce carbs.  And, you also learn how to transition to lower carb.  On the ketogenic diet this is a must to learn for your success.


Because of our approach,  you also learn about sugar addiction and why you keep putting the food in your mouth and how your brain calls it out to you.  You learn how to become a complete SUGAR DETECTIVE!  You learn in depth both how to sniff out and find those hidden sugars.  Also the added sugars and how to cut those carbs as well.  Before you know it, carbs creep in to your diet, sooner than you think without you realizing and you will need to be ready in order to succeed.



You will be shown exactly how to read product labels to detect sugar and sugar alcohols.  It will be great for you because you will know how much sugar the label states is in the item so nothing can fool you.  What else?  Well you are also going to learn what you can use that is sweet for recipes and such because eventually you will want something sweet so therefore then we present you alternative options.  Plus, you learn the more optimal things to select to not provoke flying insulin responses on the ketogenic diet and then that also becomes truly important.



We provide techniques and suggested methods therefore to help you get out socially and eat comfortably in public.  But do not worry about going out and blowing your ketogenic diet as you learn to retain your weight loss goals for any socializing situations.  So now there is no need for you to have to be a hermit and not go and eat out with friends or attend events because you want to lose weight.  Out with the old and in with the confident new you because you are shown the tools you really need to ace this completely!



Whether you believe this or not, you truly cannot willpower your way out of sugar.  That approach fails eventually because its not deep enough to get the job done so therefore we show you exactly and precisely how to kick sugars butt!  Besides that, our program knows it is scientifically impossible to eat your variety of whole foods and cut sugar 100%.  Your brain, body and insulin hormones, know better.



Internally you should know that your body will still react to the whole foods sugars.  Hence, even if you repeatedly tell yourself “I am cutting sugar 100%” you are just lying to yourself and your body, brains and hormones know it.  That becomes a big ‘fail’ approach in our eyes.  Because of this, you will learn how to minus the ‘added and refined sugars’ which we feel tops the list on our WEAN SCENE and we teach you in depth how.



Wait, there’s more!  Aside from the ketogenic diet, you will also learn about intermittent fasting in this section for beginners and meal timing.  Weaning, methods and why you may also want to wean the amount of meals per day are taught as well.

The WEAN SCENE has constructive and timely purpose and is not just for sugar.  It is a must learn to ace the ketogenic diet and get into ketosis.  You learn to WEAN other no-no’s away without that pressure of needed to go really fast.  We take you where you need to be at your speed so we don’t do this to you, we want to do this with you.



Is there more?  Yes actually, you also get Katherines personal 8 week walking plan to start stepping smartly and slowly.  Easy going is all you need to get that metabolism started and the hormones reacting in a more positive way.  Included is also 200 ways to find time to exercise when you don’t have any.  Sound incredible?  It should…because it is incredible!

You have the option here to learn just the wean and lean scene package (not including keen scene)

Step 3 is your LEAN SCENE



But now you need to learn about the left sided brain training yet!  This section contains excellent information on how to do the ketogenic diet low carb for beginners.  This is fantastic for people just so wanting to learn a heck of a lot more about the ketosis diet and low carb.  You  learn the what should I eat and when should I eat finally!  Wow, included you are taught the brick and mortar nutritional foundations to boot.  And, this is quite necessary for anyone seeking fat loss without pills and fuss so instead you will simply be using real whole foods so you can succeed.



But you are not done yet, you can learn here all about macros and how to quick start calculate your own macros to.  Do this simple style within just minutes via our E-Z macro calculate instructions.  This gets you started lightening fast so you don’t have to wait and ponder about macros.

You learn “how to start and do the ketogenic diet correctly”.  Training to get into the ketosis diet state and much more.



The lean Scene also teaches you how to reduce carbs plus understanding macros, education and easy calculating of macronutrients plus a clear concise proper picture of what the ketogenic diet and low carb really is.  So, verses what people ‘think’ it is.  Contrary to many ketogenic diet beginners believe  the ketosis diet or ketogenic diet may be all fats and meat.  Well, this is not  true, and is not just eating bacon and fat all day long and you will learn the correct healthy lifestyle.



Lastly after learning the LEAN SCENE this is where you really tie all of your 3 scenes together.  So, you become an outstanding powerhouse of knowledge and effective science backed changes to become the better you!

Because you cannot and should not just rely on willpower as willpower is simply not deep enough.  Neuroscience dictates we have much to learn yet about the brain.  There are things like new neuroplasticity pathways that can be created in the brain to!  In multi layered fashion we also have things like insulin, bmr, insulin resistance and grehlin hormones.  In addition, we got gut things causing crazy stuff in our bodies in regards to weight gain and so much more yet all being studied by science still.

The advanced STEAM SCENE is optional and so this is for those wanting or needing that extra kick .  You will learn about how to become your best you. This is not for the tire kickers because it is for those looking for real answers to longer lasting change.


The best approach is that we don’t do anything to you and so instead we work with you

We want to  dig really deep inside the trenches.  We do that because we want to help you get your answers and challenge your inner you.  Challenge your inner belief systems and what makes or made you tick the way you tick.  You will learn to keep reassessing yourself throughout your life to clear the cobwebs and make better decisions.

We help you DIG DEEP so you can become YOUR BEST YOU gaining maximum steam in life and living FULL STEAM.

Ooooh the red carpet scene, so this is where you are when you have worked so hard and you have something to say to the world.  Because you have achieved either a goal you are proud of, or all of your goals and you have become ‘lifestyle’.

This scene is because you are therefore a VICTOR – for people who are proud of themselves and then want to shout that from the rooftops!  But…is where we want you to have some extra fun to!


So please do send us your home videos then so when you reach any goal via our program or your final goals then we wanna hear about it.  Whatever your victory may be,  roll out your red carpet because you are worth it and then send us your story and video.  If you do not have a red carpet well then no problem – just send what you got then and we’ll roll out our red carpet for you!

So, we feel using scenes are a great way to present our total package to you.  This is because it just makes complete sense to think it out this way.  No sooner than you realize it, we all go through our whole lives experiencing various situations.  Or perhaps a place where an incident in real life took place  or fiction occurs or occurred each of these is like a scene.


So therefore depending on our experiences and perceptions of these places and incidents that we encounter, a sequence of continuous action follows then.  So things such as you would see in a play, movie, opera, or book.  Therefore we felt this mirrors life then in having included our scenes in our program.   So we see this as and recognize this then to become the scenes of life.


…comprised of smaller scenes.  Therefore when we approach obesity and weight loss change, then we feel with our program it is necessary to look at and approach each scene and layer it out to you.


 Therefore, as the best possible multi layered approach around, we have designed this all for you.  This is because it helps you to create a complete holistic head to toe scene for yourself.  Whether you failed before is no matter to us because we know our approach is as sound as you can find in this day and age and our goal is to roll you down the red carpet in achieving your dreams, your dream body and maintaining your goals.

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AGE: So, probably Older Than You Are!

Project:  Obesity change but accomplished so awesome via head to toe brain training, behaviour changes and so much more.  And, sugar busting like never before and guided visual-size-ations.  But wait, there is more – stress management techniques, exercise and healthy eating to!  How to begin the ketogenic diet, keto for beginners and low-carb plus intermittent fasting for beginners because you are so worth it!

MOST RESPECTED – Katherine is a most respected Obesity Change Agent worldwide with her combined training, education, and experience.  And so now she has her newest signature online step-by-step DIY video series learning method.  So this is here available for you now and includes the ketogenic diet all you need to succeed.  The whole flagship program was created and authored by Katherine so to make this a one stop for you to really get you focused.   And, also it helps every step on where to begin and what needs to be done.  The signature program is delivered in a such a way its like Katherine was right beside you in your living room teaching you in person.


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    We offer what we feel are the most POWERFUL BRAIN TRAIN techniques. The BadAss Belly Braintrain incorporates the original Full Belly Meter System along with more complete head to toe braintraining weightloss techniques and methods to propel your journey and even tap into unused brain resources to help you further. Simply in a nutshell - a truly enlightening step by step system and method to open doorways to progress you never imagined you would be able to achieve.


    Science based and backed nutrition is what we like to base our nutritional suggestions on. Proven stuff that works even for the average person. Your food choices should be max nutrition packed and that is why you are here; to learn better nutritional strategies proven to be effective. There are many self claimed nutritional guru's out there and many people trying to sell you any pill, powder or fast diet they can. Say goodbye to false guru's and expensive stuff by learning what really works.


    Did you know muscle takes up way less physical space than the same amount of fat would on your body? That is why you cannot just step on the scale to see if you are improving and you need to measure those disappearing inches. There are many markers and measures on the road to success you need to be trained on to recognize that you are on the right path - you will learn that from us. If you cannot exercise just yet, you still need to understand the science proven benefits of exercise to the body. Education is critical to your long term success.


    Do you know what your short term goals and long term goals for your weight loss journey need to look like to set you up for success? Did you know regular planned goal set routines and strategies are proven to greatly help the long term weight loss journey? Maybe you have no idea what kind of goals to even begin setting for yourself or where to start and if that is the case then fear no more - you are finally where you need to be to learn what to do. We will work together to get your best personalized goals happening for you.

    Yes I'd Love To Go With A Ketogenic Weight Loss Coach

    Start working on your body today, and with our individual system, self paced training and/or even group options in 365 days you should see a totally different looking person in the mirror!

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