Full Belly Meter Weight Loss System About Katherine Giesbrecht


I help people CHANGE with my POWERFUL brain entraining weight loss based method(s) of right side brain training, left side brain training, behavoural changes, stress reduction, science backed food choices, educated exercise plus I make you dig down deep to figure out the best way for you to align your life and then to apply healthy positive STRATEGIES for LONG TERM HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS.  I have a wide range of certifications and diplomas but chose to focus my career on obesity and weight management because this is where change can really happen for you.

Are you a weight loss seeker about ready to give up?   Now is not the time to give up because we have our wonderful new signature program method called the BadAss Belly Braintrain ©™ which is thought and brain entrained based learning techniques and approaches geared toward helping to lose weight serving as a ‘missing bridge’ in part of the weight loss puzzle to aide in getting you back on track. Do you feel you just cannot succeed at any diet you try? Are you afraid to gain 3 pounds because then the anxiety and panic sets in?  Have you always wondered why you have to feel worried and panicked and like a failure when the numbers go up on your scale? Are you afraid of eating carbs, or afraid of eating the wrong or the right thing and just afraid in general how this all affects your body?

Our newest best multi faceted approach “The BadAss Belly Braintrain” is not a diet, it is MY PERSONALLY TAILORED STEP BY STEP  ‘SYSTEM’.  The ultimate brain training bridge for that hotspot area of weight loss. The system helps to overcome some well known anxiety and fears overweight people experience but often overlooked in regular dieting methods and help create the ‘body to brain weight loss A-Ha connection’ more sensibly with our method.  This is a wonderful spot on self recognition system that is repeatable and duplicatable.  Learn it, loose it and then maintain it for the longer haul.


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I have a slew of of diplomas and certifications so you can feel at ease as my main whole focus is tunneled on obesity and weight management.  My background training and education inclusive are:

  • Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management – Obesity and Weight Management Coaching
  • Certification in Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT for Eating Disorders – CBT Coaching
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Hypnotherapy with Visualization Diploma – Hypnotherapy and Visualization Coaching
  • Fitness and Nutrition Certificate Program – Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
  • Practitioner of Reflex Therapy
  • Various Nutritional Certifications and Symptomatology
  • Computer Programming Diploma and various other technical certifications

Not only do I have the education, I have also mentored as the moderator of an alternative therapies autoimmune board in the past and did that for several years comprised of over 27,000 people.  I think I have heard of every alternative therapy there is on this planet it seems as whacky as some of them sound, I was sure to get in there and check them all out as people presented them and I found that interesting, fun and intriguing and a wonderful learning experience overall.

I can help in many ways focusing always toward a better life and obesity and weight management as an Obesity Change Agent I got your back.

I am sure to include in coaching and online courses:

  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments